Partner promotion guide

About Partner promotion activity?

Partner promotion activity is an activity when you share products of the store through social network and blogs and receive R. Cash (similar as point) from this store.
Please check the earned R. Cash on the product information page.

·purchase benefit : Purchase benefit: if someone purchases store’s product through the shared social network, store will provide you with certain percentage of R. Cash according to total purchasing price.

Promotion of partner activities

All members who switch into a BEAUTY AND partners can do promotion activities.

  • 01 Check the earned R. Cash at the store and at the product information page.
  • 02 Share the product information through social network you use or URL links.
  • 03 Check your product sharing history and earned R. Cash on the menu of partner promotion activities.

About R. Cash

R. Cash is a Relaket points that partners receive while doing promotion activities.
Partner can earn R. Cash by doing promotion activities and change it into real cash when they earn certain amount of points.

Contribution to purchasing and inflow by sharing product information by social network Available base amount to refund Earned R. Cash Request to refund R. Cash
Note for partner activities and R. Cash
  • Partner can earn R. cash by sharing goods which have “R. Cash” mark on the product information page.
  • Partner will receive R. Cash when a customer buys goods by clicking the link in social network.
  • Partner can request a refund of R. Cash when earned R. Cash reaches certain amount of points and he can receive money within 2 weeks after ha made a request to change points into the money. In order to receive R. Cash refund personal bank account is needed.
  • If any inappropriate activities such as illegal way and method of getting R. Cash refund will be detected, the store has right to take a measure like prohibition refunding R. Cash or elimination partner from store.